Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll?

Courses are open to all UC Berkeley students as well as visitors, including all University of California students, out of state students currently enrolled in a college or junior college, college graduates, as well as international visitors around the world.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, there are no prerequisites to enrolling in Digital Humanities courses.

Can I complete the minor/certificate over more than one summer?

Yes, students may complete the minor or certificate in one summer or over multiple summers.

What is the difference between the minor and certificate?

The Summer Minor in Digital Humanities is available to matriculating UC Berkeley students upon successful completion of the 5 required courses.

The Digital Humanities Certificate is available to non-Berkeley students only. The academic requirements for the certificate are identical to the requirements for the minor.

Is there a grading requirement?

Yes. Students must receive a 2.0 in each of the 5 required classes to earn the minor or certificate.

Important Dates

Enrollment Opens

UC Berkeley Students: February 1, 2024

Visitors and International Students: February 15,  2024

Session Dates

Session A: May 20 - June 28, 2024

Session D: July 1 - August 9, 2024